The Benson Watch Company was founded on the principle, that time should be spent doing what you love. Our timepieces are mere reminders of this belief. Our vision is to encourage the masses to take control of their time and spend it in pursuit of their passions. The watch is metaphoric in the sense that it gives our message some perspective. 

We believe it is important to remain authentic and true to who you are that is why no matter what the trend is whether smart watches or distracting aesthetics, we remain our authentic selves and that is Simply Elegant! All of our timepieces illustrate epitomize the beauty that exists in minimal designs and rich beautiful colors.

Note from our founder:

Greetings Potential Customer,
Thank you for taking the time to peruse the Benson Watch Page. It is my hope that you find a timepiece that suits your personal taste but most importantly, you leave a more inspired person. Time is the one thing we can not get back, so it is important that we spend it doing what we love. A person who wears a Benson Watch is conscious of this simple yet powerful message. When you purchase a Benson you are buying more than just an elegant accessory but one that truly makes a statement! We look forward to welcoming you to the family of authentic Benson Watch owners. 
Marcel Benson